Jennifer Garner ALIAS Sydney Bristow

This page may take a while to load; there are a lot of pictures. My goal is an online photo gallery of every wig and costume worn by Sydney in every episode of ALIAS. Workin' on it :-)

Season One

Truth Be Told
Alias Truth Be Told red wig Truth Be Told Kilt

So It Begins
alias blonde wig tight blue dress alias maid costume

Jennifer Garner red wig Parity red dress and fan long red gown

A Broken Heart
wire rimmed glasses

black leather in Berlin

Alias green dress art show green halter dress Sydney in wheelchair

Time Will Tell
Sydney Bristow long brown hair

Mea Culpa

blonde curls straw hat

The Confession
red dress fringe

The Coup
sydney bristow Las Vegas costume costumes by Laura Goldsmith burglar sliding down wire

Page 47
Page 47 Danish wig red bathing suit

The Prophecy
Sydney Bristow & Michael Vaughn

Sydney & Dixon blonde curly hair

The Solution
Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan

Jennifer Garner sings black corset red wig

Almost Thirty Years
Sydney Vaughn fetish club sketch of Laura Goldsmith goth outfit

Season Two

The Enemy Walks In
black and gold dress

Trust Me
Jennifer Garner Trust Me black wig

Jackie Kennedy tweed red suit and goggles

Dead Drop
sydney bristow brunette wig

Sydney and Jack Bristow

The Counteragent
japanese geisha

Passage Part 1
alias trading cards ditzy blonde Indian woman

The Abduction
Sydney & Marshall on assignment

A Higher Echelon
black wig short bangs red suit white stripe

The Getaway
Alias The Getaway costume purple wig tattoo dog collar

Phase One
Black Nightgown red nightgown black bomber jacket and gun

Double Agent
short blonde wig with bangs

blonde sorority girl rhinestone cowgirl western bar

Second Double
Sydney Bristow Second Double disguise

The Telling
Alias The Telling disguise

Season Three

The Two
sexy short red dress super swank sunglasses

A Missing Link
Alias A Missing Link wig

gamblers sydney and marshall gambling

The Nemesis
white halter dress nightclub

black and pink mini dress fuzzy coat black wig with pink streaks

Full Disclosure
straight blonde wig center part

black red wig nose ring

The Frame
fashion designer green dress

goth Sydney

Mission Impossible

After Six
Syd, Weiss & Toni Cummings in Athens sydney bristow and Eric Weiss

Jennifer Garner Blowback disguise

black frames glasses

Season Four

Authorized Personnel Only Part 1
APO babydoll nightgown plaid skirt white blouse black wig

The Awful Truth
Jersey Girl vintage Pucci dress

Doctor Sydney lab coat glasses

Welcome to Liberty Village
preppie Sydney and Vaughn

blonde curls

Sydney & Nadia

slicked back hair

A Man of His Word
veronica lake hair sexy black dress
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Sketches by Felipe Sanchez of costumes designed by Laura Goldsmith scanned from Alias Declassified: The Official Companion.
I found the photos all over the web.
copyright ALIAS/ABC-TV. I'm just a fan; please don't sue me :-)