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Kevin Weisman of Alias
There's lots to love about the plots, intrigues, costumes, sets & characters of ALIAS but among my favorites is techno-whiz Marshall Flinkman as played by Kevin Weisman, and his collection of super high tech gadgets. How cool would it be to play around with fingerprint-lifting biometric sensors, keycard descramblers or DNA translating coding machines? OK, most of the clever inventions Marshall creates for Sydney Bristow & her fellow field agents aren't available... at least not yet... but there are a lot of cool spy gadgets out there. For example...

spy camera pen Digital Camera Pen

A mini digital camera disguised as a pen! 2MB memory is capable of storing up to 36, 160 x 120 pixel images. It even has a voice function that "tells" you how many images have been taken and when it has been turned on or off. Includes software and serial cable (RS-232) for downloading images to your PC. And it also has a real built-in pen so you can actually look like you're writing. Around $60.

big ear listening device Orbitor Electronic Remote Listener & Viewer
This "Big Ear" also has "Big Eyes"! It's powerful enough to capture distant sounds (and voices) from 300 feet away. Viewfinder with 10x prism optical system lets you zoom in and see what you're hearing close up. Sounds and images impossible for the human ears and eyes to pick up will now seem as if you're only a couple of feet away. To enhance your use of the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device, they've even added a playback system that records up to 12 seconds on a digital chip--so you not only hear from afar, you have an electronic record of it. Includes a pair of comfortable padded full-size headphones. Around $70.

binoculars with built in digital camera Digital Camera Binoculars
Celestron's VistaPix is a high-quality powerful binocular for a clear, sharp, bright view and a digital camera all in one. Perfect for surveillance, concerts or anytime you want a closer look and the ability to record what you see. VistaPix images can be stored using its Photo Manager Software; you can crop, re-size, manipulate color and much more. Specs:
16 MB internal memory; accepts SD and MCC memory cards
Continuous video capability; rubber-coated texture for a comfortable grip
Binocular/digital camera combo with 2.1-megapixel resolution (for prints up to 8 x 11 inches)
8x magnification
Images twice as bright as 22mm binoculars
Price: around $150

Night Vision Binoculars Night Vision

Highest quality digital night vision viewer on the market with multiple features and record out capabilities. Large 3.5" LCD display lets you see clear 600 feet in complete darkness. Great for photographers, videographers, hunters, hikers, surveillance and search and rescue. Every aspect has been ergonomically designed for comfort, ease of use and extending viewing. The video out feature used in conjunction with your camcorder provides professional grade recordings at night and from greater distances than normal camcorders. The D-Vision unit is unaffected by bright lights and has an adjustable 32-step brightness control feature to suit ambient light conditions. The standard C-mount lens allows for optional power/zoom lenses. The image sensor has an impressive 425 line resolution in total darkness. The unit comes with a rechargable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack that may be recharged in the unit about 1000 times. The unit can also run on standard AA alkaline batteries. It is tripod mountable and also ships with batteries, car charger, AC adapter, shoulder strap and warranty card. Price: about $250.

camera watch Digital Wrist Watch Camera
This camera watch by Casio has a grayscale display but downloads into your PC in COLOR! Also comes with infrared data communication capabilities. Simply connect the IR adapter to your computer and install the bundled link software and you can transfer images to your computer for editing, touch up, and long-term storage. You can transfer images back to the Wrist Camera or exchange images with another Wrist Camera quickly and easily using IR data exchange. 1MB of built-in memory provides enough storage for up to 80 images. Images can be recorded and deleted as many times as you want. An Auto Date feature automatically records the date (year, month, day) and time (hour, minutes) you record the image along with the image data. Visual Data Bank for storage of phone numbers with portraits. Timekeeping, alarm, timer, and calendar functions. A full-month calendar shows. USB Infrared Adapter (PAD-2B) for PC Included. Bundled with WQV LINK 2.0 PC exchange software, Image-editing software. Water resistant under normal, everyday use. 1 Year limited manufacturer's warranty.
Price: about $125.

portable lie detector Voice Stress Analyzer Truth Detector/Lie Detector

Find out who's really telling the truth with the Truth Detector, an easy-to-read stress analyzer that glows red when a speaker's voice indicates increased stress levels, commonly associated with lying. This interactive machine is fascinating to watch as you engage in conversations with friends and associates, or you can even use it to monitor the voices of actors or politicians: Testing can be done from conversations on the radio, television, and even tape recordings.

Price: about $30

Waterproof 2.0 MP Picture-Taking Binoculars with LCD Screen Waterproof 2.0 MP Picture-Taking Binoculars with LCD Screen
Take long-range snapshots (50' or more) at the touch of a button with these 8X magnification 2.0 megapixel digital camera binoculars that are completely waterproof. View pictures you've taken on the 1 1/2" color LCD and decide which ones to keep before downloading them. The built-in camera is always in focus, and has a video flashback feature that records the last 20 seconds of viewing, so you can review footage to capture a photograph of quick, precise events. Includes a 2.0 megapixel sensor and 32 MB internal memory to store 40 pictures with a 1600 x 1200 resolution or 90 seconds of continuous video. Automatically measures ambient light and adjusts shutter speed. Photos and video can be downloaded to your PC (cable included). About $200.

Hammacher Schlemmer Desktop Weather Station Desktop Weather Station
Combining the most accurate clock in the U.S. with a weather station, this cordless device helps keep you on time & up-to-date on climate conditions at a glance. Displays time, month, day & year, and even updates automatically for daylight saving. A built-in thermometer and hygrometer monitor indoor temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) & humidity, while indicators let you know whether humidity readings are low, comfortable, or high. A separate wireless outdoor monitor unit tracks temperature and humidity from a remote placement outside or in another part of the home or office. You can switch between the base sensor information and the remote sensor information at the touch of a button. Weather-forecast icons also appear on screen in response to changes in barometric pressure, indicating possible weather shifts within the day. Eight moon-phase symbols track the lunar cycle through the month, while an alarm clock with snooze bar helps remind you of meeting times or wakes you up in the morning. About $90.

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