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jennifer garner as sydney bristow "A spy-fi roller coaster of killer gadgets, double roundkicks, triple crosses, poignant confessionals, cliff-hangers, sliced-off fingers, conspiracies, outrageous outfits, exotic locales, flirtations, mythologies - and that's just before the first commercial" - Entertainment Weekly

I think there are as many reasons for watching and loving ALIAS as there are ALIAS fans, and this highly addictive TV show has a LOT of fans! Yes, the scripts are clever, the relationships engrossing, the plot twists dizzying, and the Milo Rimbaldi story arc fascinating. But my favorite aspect of ALIAS is Jennifer Garner's brilliant portrayal of strong-yet-sensitive Sydney Bristow and her fantastic costumes. I've always loved "dressing up"... Halloween is my favorite holiday... so for me, watching Sydney transform herself into - well, just about anything! - with wigs and costumes is IT!

Anyroad, I thought it would be fun to surf the web in search of Sydney Bristow style costumes and put up a website with links to online stores where fellow ALIAS fans could buy close-copies of their fave wigs and outfits. And if you're looking for relatively inexpensive hi-tech spy gadgets, check out my new Super Swank Techology page.


My favorite wig store is WOW WIGS Their prices are low and their selection huge. Check out the Party Girls collection in the Costume wig section. These short-to-medium length shock-color wigs come with or without bangs and all cost less than $35. They all come in dozens of colors from natural to neon bright including blue, purple, pink and yes Hot Flame Red. They also carry plenty of long sexy straight, wavy and curly wigs.

Alias Vegas headdress Sydney Bristow beaded headpiece

If you have long straight hair like Jennifer's
you can get a similar look to Sydney's glam Vegas girl do from The Coup
with WowWigs' Cleo Head Dress for about $25.

alias blonde wig alias flippy wig Sydney Bristow feathered wig

The Hot Flick Wig is similar to this Sydney style:
Blonde in The Enemy Walks In;Red in The Two.
Gun not included ;-)


For fun, funky clothes on the cheap, you can't beat Newport News From black leather to skimpy stretchy club tops, dresses and skirts to long elegant evening gowns, they have it all, and they usually have it at deep discount.
black leather pants black knee boots pleated mini skirt

Left: low rise black leather flare jeans
Left Center: low rise black leather pants
Center: Black sweater & pleated mini skirt in white or black
Right Center: black corset style tank with ribbons & lace
Right: black sleeveless bodysuit

True Religion Jennifer Garner's favorite jeans
"True Religion, a Los-Angeles based denim and corduroy company, has a faithful A-list following. Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and Justin Timberlake, own the divine jeans in assorted hand-sanded vintage washes. The brand's saving grace: "They're very flattering to the rear," says Ross. Amen! - from US magazine August 23, 2004

You can find True Religion brand jeans at Solis along with other discounted high-end designer jeans, tank tops, shoes, sweats & pants.
Warning: tho' these jeans may be discounted, they're still not cheap! But Solis also has some super swank sunglasses that are :-)

jennifer garner as sydney bristow

ESPRITis another place to find Alias-inspired tops, skirts & dresses. Their regular prices are generally reasonable and their sales spectacular.
Amy Tippin kilt black punk mini dress sexy halter top bare shoulders
Left: Amy Tippin-ish red plaid mini skirt
Left Center: Getaway-inspired black mini cargo dress
Right Center: Black shimmery halter top

Right: Elegant black shoulder baring halter top


sydney bristow blue hair

If you're looking for goth/punk/fetish-club style chokers & other accessories, try Hot Topic They also carry corsets, fishnet tops, goth & punk inspired miniskirts & dresses and sunglasses.

Subcultural also sells some interesting alternative leather & lace.

jennifer garner as sydney bristow

More Sydney style coming soon

Jennifer Garner ALIAS Sydney Bristow Photo Project

a work in progress ~ please bear with me :-)

Below are links to Seasons 1, 2 & 3, now available on DVD. If you'd like to buy the DVD, click on the "Season" link. If you'd like to see pictures of Sydney's disguise(s) from a particular episode, clicking on a red episode title will bring you to the page with that episode's pictures. Eventually I hope to have pictures of every wig and costume from every episode but as this a brand new page... it's gonna take a while :-)


Alias - The Complete First Season

Truth Be Told, So It Begins, Parity, A Broken Heart, Doppelganger, Reckoning, Color Blind, Time Will Tell, Mea Culpa, Spirit, The Confession, The Box, Part 1 & 2, The Coup, Page 47, The Prophecy, Q & A, Masquerade, Snowman, The Solution, Rendezvous, Almost Thirty Years

Alias - The Complete Second Season

The Enemy Walks In,Trust Me,Cipher, Dead Drop,The Indicator, Salvation,Counteragent,Passage Parts 1&2,The Abduction,A Higher Echelon,The Getaway,Phase One,Double Agent,A Free Agent,Firebomb,A Dark Turn,Truth Takes Time, Endgame, Countdown,Second Double,The Telling

Alias - The Complete Third Season

The Two, Succession, Reunion, A Missing Link, Repercussions, The Nemesis, Prelude, Breaking Point, Conscious, Remnants, Full Disclosure, Crossings, After Six, Blowback, Facade, Taken, The Frame, Unveiled, Hourglass, Blood Ties, Legacy, Resurrection

ALIAS Season 4 now on Wednesdays 9PM EST ABC
Authorized Personnel Only Parts 1 & 2, The Awful Truth, Ice, Welcome to Liberty Village, Nocturne, Detente, Echoes, A Man of His Word, The Index, The Road Home, The Orphan, Tuesday, Nightingale

ALIAS Soundtracks on CD

Alias - Original Television Soundtrack

Alias - Season Two Soundtrack

Books About ALIAS

Alias Declassified: The Official Companion
by Mark Vas

Uncovering Alias: An Unofficial Guide
by Nikki Stafford & Robyn Burnett

Secret Identities: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Alias
by Mark Clapham, Lance Parkin

ALIAS Fiction

by Elizabeth Skurnick

Recruited: An Alias Prequel
by Lynn Mason

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Close Quarters : A Michael Vaughn Novel
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