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To visit other Sites With Heart, check out the links on the list of honor below.

A Cat's Life
Acinny's Fantastic FurKids
Adopt A Pet
Adopt Homeless Paws
A.D.O.P.T. a Pet at Rhinelander Animal Shelter
Adopted Kitten
Against Animal Cruelty
Ailurophilia - the Love of Cats
The Alley - where cats roam and run free
Ali's Purple Room
All For Tigers
Alpha Buttons Fundraising Page
Always Loving Cats
Amanda's Page
Amby's Cat Information Site
And miles to go before we sleep...
Andre's Page
Angels are Among Us
Angie's Animal Adoptions
Animais SOS
Animal Abuse Alert!
Animal Aid
Animal Adoption Center of Garland TX
Animal Rights Activist Research Site
Animal Rights Kingdom
Animals Are Worth Saving
Animals in Distress Sanctuary
Animal Advocacy Letters
Animal Friends: The Life Savers
Animal Haven
Animal People Online
Animals, Magic, Medievalism, and Miscellany
Animals Rights 2000
Another Chance Animal Rescue
April Loves You
April's Cat Lovers' Page
Aras Canine
The Ark
Artemis Kitties Online
Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline

Baby and Billy's Homepage
Bastly More Important - for the Sake of Animals
Back Fence Cat Club
Barbara & Mike's Homepage
Be Kind to Cats
Because They Love Us
The Best People in the World Are Animals!
Biffy's Page
Billie Joe Bird's Home Page
Billy and Mary's Back 40
Black Cat's Den
Black Rock Ranch
Blue Bell Foundation
Boni Baru's Home on the Web
Boo & GirlyGirl's Page
Boomer the Crazy Cat
Brandi's Kitten Kingdom
Brani's Cat Hangout
BratCats Home Page
Brat Pack Homepage
Brett's Homepage
The Brittain Bunch - a Cat Foster Family
Brittany's Page
BrUiZeR & CuBa_MaRiE's PlAyHoUsE
Buddies Through Bullies
The Bultema's
Burkett Family Pet Page

Calico's Cats
Calico's Corner
Call Me Shirley
Calvin & Sabrina's Meowy World
Cara's Kitties
Carnivore Preservation Trust
Caroline's Greyhounds
Carroll's Corner
Casey's Kitty Corner
Cat Adoption Team
Cat Angels Adoptions ~ North Carolina
Cats, Cats & Cats!
The Cat Connection
The Cat Corner
Cat Crossing
Cats and More
Cats In Company
Cats Rule
Cat Faeries
The Cat Family
Catkin Cat Rescue
Cat Lovers Boutique
Cat Lovers Web Page
A Cat Luver's Homepage
The Cat Survival Trust
Catnip Calico's Popoki Corner
The Catnippers Page
A Cat's Eye View
The Cat's Meow (Petsburgh)
The Cat's Meow (Heartland)
Cat's Station
Cats, Cats, Cats! in The Home of REHCATS
Cat's Cat's Cat's
Cats, Critters & Me
The Cat's House
Cats In the House
Cats R Us
The Cat's Meow
The Cats Meow
The Cats of Shady Acres
Cats Welfare
Catt's Porch
The Cat's Meow
The Catz Meow
CAWS: the Community Animal Welfare Society
A Celebration of Sebastian
Charlie's Home Page
Charly's Place in Cyberspace
Cheesel's Burrow
Chuck & Rustyjo's Life in the Slow Lane
Chummelang's Amazing Flying Catpage
Cindy's Cat Pages
Cindy & Wally's Pet Page
Citizens for Scottsdale Strays
CJ's Home
Cleo Memoriam Page
Cleo's World
CloverCity Home Page
Cold Paws
Come Paws For a While
Connor's Story
The Conservative Unitarian Universalist
Cool Cats
Cool Cybercats
Country Bugs Orphanage

Cricket's Home for Wayward Animals
The Cryptic Cat
CTiara & Spanky's Home Page
Curious Cat Creations

Daisy's Universe
Danger: Silent Suffering
Danika's Animal Rights Page
Davey and Chloe's Homepage
David's Animal Clip Art Page
The Daily Mews
Deborah's Akita Site
Delillas Home
Demented Pixie's Greyhounds
Denise & Steve's Homepage
Deran's Elizabeth the Queen and Family
Destiny's Home
Diabella Loves Cats
Disabled Pet Adoption Network
The Divine Felines Page
Doberman Rescue Unlimited
DocDoolittle's CatCage
Dog the Cat
Dogstarr's Doghouse
Dolphin's World / Pound Kitties
Domino's House
Dragon's Lair

Ecce Felis!
Emilia's Page
Endangered Species
EEEK! - Energetic Ecological Environmental Kids!
Equine Rescue League
Equine Rescue Network Inc.
Eric and Paula's Home
Eric and Tara Loyet's Siberian Husky Page kitties too :-)
Eskie Charmin's Pet Page
Estralla and Destino's Home Page
Ezzy and Friends Homepage

Fairy Cats
Fafrhds Home page
Faithy World
Sociedade Educacional "Fala Bicho" - Rio de Janeiro
Feline Rescue!
Felts Feline Friends
Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee
Ferrets On the Go
Festa Brava - Web Anti-Taurina
Flamingo Stampede
F.L.O.C.K. - For Love of Cats and Kittens
For Love of Cats
For The Love of Cats dot com
Fried's Cat Shelter
Friends of Feral Felines
Furry Faces
Furry Friends Shelter

G's Spot
The Gables' Raccoon World
Gena's Cats Page
Geordie's World
Golden Eyes
Grace's Cat Page
A Grandmother's World
Greater Raleigh Dog Training Club
The Greyhound Guide: adopting the racing greyhound
Grimalkin's Cat Pages
Guarida de Los Lobos de Mexico
Guide to Rescue Cats
Guinness' Page at Kira's Home

Hammies and Horsies and Pets of All Kinds
Hants County SPCA
Happy Tails Farm
Heart for Animals
HEART: Hamburg Eden Animal Rescue Team
Heather's Homepage
Heather's Room With a Zoo
Hendersonville Police Department
Homeless Cat Network
Home of the Felines
Hope's Mom's Page
Horseheads, NY Animal Shelter
Humane Society of New England
Humane Society of Cascade County
Humane Society of Rock Island County

ICAGE - Idaho Citizens Against Greyhound Entertainment
I Love My Cats
Ice Cristal's Castle
Meet the Insanicats
International Friends and Family
The Intrigue of the Cat
Inxs Illusions
Irish Siamese
Isabel & Dalton the Wonder Cat
Isle of Avalon Cat Haven
It's Kitten!!
Itty Bitty the Russian Blue Cat

J.J. Cat Castle
Jade Wolf's Animal Rights Page
JadeWolf's Lair
Jacqlee the Cat Lady
Jane's Cat Page
Jeff & Diane's Cat House
Jelly Bean
Jen's Kat Korral
Jerry's Junkyard
Jonnie's Home Page
Jo's Web
Judy's Purrs 'n' Furrs
Jungle Cat's Forest Glade
Jupiter's Place on the Web
Just Me and My Dogs
Just Cats (Barbara's site)
Just Cats (Cyndi's site)

Kaitlin's Familiars
Kala's Hau'oli
Kat Habikat
Kat Trax
KatGyrl's Tygrrrheart
Kathy's Kat Korner
Kat's Korner
Katz Rule!!!
Kay's Cats
Kazie Kats Korner
Kevin's Page
Kit Catz
Kitties R Us
Kitty Heaven
Kitty Kat Korner
Kitty Kingdom
Kitty Korner
Kitty Kove
Kitty2's World
Kittymom and her Cats
Kitty Village
Kramer's Page
Kysha & Jasper's Scratching Post

Ladyrott's Weekend Home
The Lair
Land of the Big Cats
Laura's Links
Lee Ann's Cat Corner
Leia's Napping Spot
Life Is For Everything
Link N Lincoln Links
Lisa's Critters Homepage
Lisaviolet's Cathouse
LittleMiss Tabby
Little Pet Garden
Loadstar's Lair
Louise & Bob's Home Page
Love For Animals
Loungin' 'Round the House
Love Animals
Lucky's Home Page

Maccabee & Levi's Cathouse
Luke & Levi's Page
Madame Alto's Cat House
Maggie: Home Page of a Cat
The Magician's Cat
Magic Sky
Marie's Bengals - Amber & Jet
Marlene's Cats and Cards
Mar's Cats Page
Mary's Cat Page
Maude Schiffley S.P.C.A.
Max and Mitts
Max's House
Meet Zaggy, Skittles and Pita
Melanie's Web Page
Memories of Mia
Meow City
Mew-Mew Milieu
Mid Michigan's Kitty Rescue
The Mining Company Guide to Animal Rights
The Mining Company's Guide to Cat Lovers
Minnie's Menagerie
Missycat's Principles of the Universe
Missy's Canine and Feline Family Members
Moe Sound
Molly's World
Moonshadow Gates
Mountain Kitties
Ms. Cat's Animal Alley
Ms.Crane's Love of Cats
Ms Frisky Britches
Much Ado About Cats
Muffins Pet Connection
Mudhole Creations
My Cats and Me
My Cats Corner
My Cats Home Page
My Cats That I Love
My Pets Page
My Pisces Animal Page
My Realm
My Spot
Mystic Cats
Mystic Mog's Clairvoyance For Cats
My's Corner
Mystic Impressions Animal Rights Page
My Torak

Nadia's Feline CRF Site
Nala's Site
Nancy Pilotte's Spay/Neuter - Save a Life!
Nate's Cat Page
Nature's Cove
Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets
No Bad Dogs Here
Nunnie's Spot on the Web
Nutmeg & Zooti

The Official Bobpa! For President Home Page
The Official Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness Web Site
Oklahoma Cats Oldham Cats
Oliver's Place
OmaKitty's Place
Oregon First Strike
Ottawa Shores Humane Society
Our 8 Cats
Our Fabulous Feline Friends
Our Gabby - a Tortoiseshell Cat
Our Pets - Aussiecat's Page
Out of the Mists/Legends
Oz and Voodoo's Playground

Pat's Cats
P.A.W.S. Rescue Association
Pawprints and Purrs
Pawprints in Heaven
Pat's Cats Etc
PAWS: Peninsula Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Paws R Us
Penny's Page
People For Native Ecosystems
Pet-A-Pet Club
Pet Chat
Pets In Need
The Pet Press
Purfectilynx Maine Coons
Pet Lovers Connections
The Pet Parlor
Peter the Cat
Pets and Animals
Pets & Pals
Pets Are Love
Pets Are Perfect
Pets SPCA House
Phoebe's World
Punkin Net
Pink Tigress
Placid Acres
Po' Kitties
Precious Pets Collectibles
Princess Kitten's World
Princess Sugar Pie - Therapy & Show Cat
Psychic Sabra
Pug Manor
Punchbug's Anima-Links
The Purr-fect Place
Puss'n'Boots Palace
Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
Pyewacket's Home Site

Rachelle Nones
Red Eared Slider Homepage
Reflections of Bo
Rem & Sidney - the cooooolest cats on the web!
Renaissance Feral Cat Colony
Ren's Cat Page
Rescue Pets!
The Rise of Animal Rights
Rivendoll Ragdolls
Robin's House of Animals
Russell Elliott's Web Page
Ruth Lebowitz - Calicocatgirl
Ruth Lebowitz - Purrs from Catgirl

Sacred Memories
Safe Passage
Saffire's House of Cats
Samantha's Page
The Sanctuary For Animals Inc
Sandtracker's Cat Pages
Sans Collier
Sara's Cat Care Site
Sarah's Playgroup
Sarit's Persian Cattery
Saskatchewan Alley Cat Allies
Sassy's Place
Scottsdale Strays
Scrappy's Nest
Screaming Meemies Kitty Korner
Scully's Homepage
ServaCat's WebSpot
S.H.A.I.D. Tree Animal Shelter Society
Shamanism: Working with Animal Spirits
Shamus Blue's Angel Pride
Sharif's Sundown
She Devil's Cat Page
Schnook's Nook
Shadow Madison
Siamese Cat and Kitten Rescue of Louisville
#SKYWARN's Homepage
Smiley's Golden Pages
The Smitten Kitten
Smokey's Cool Cat Page
SnowCat's Animal Rights Page
Society for Species Management and Survival
Society of Humane Friends
Speak Out For Animals
The Spirit of the Dolphin
Spoiled Kitty
Spotlight on Songwriters for Saving Our Strays
Stacey's Little Corner
Stahlinwood's Pet Info Page
Starcloud's Save the Wolf Page
The St. Louis Animal Page
Stamp Out Pet Overpopulation - Spay/Neuter
Storme Central II
Strays In Need
Support & Save The Tiger
Skeeter's Home Pages
SnowCat26's Animal Rights Pages
SueCat's Palace

Tabby's Cat World
Tails of Joy
The Tails of Two Kitties
Tally's Tales
Tammy's Dog House
Tania's Home Page
Target Joy's Feline Page
Tender Mercies
Teresa's Cyber Home
Texas Pepper's Home Page
Theo and Cats
3 Good Cats: Kelly, Lizzie, and Caitie-Belle
This Family of Three
The Three Furry Tiers
TigerLady's Lair
Tiger Town
Tigger's Cat Tales
Tigress 826
Timone, Simba & Princess Nightingale's Homepage
Tina's Animal Pages
Thee's Homepage
Toby's Place
TOPCAT Boarding Cattery
Top Cat Products
Totally Cats
Tracy's Moving Moggies
The Treeman's Nature Sanctuary
Trisha's Place
Tuffy's Domain
Tuxedo Junction
Tvamp's Basket full of Cats
Tweety's House Bunny Corner

The Unweaned Kitten Rescue Network
Up My Alley

Velvet's Couch
Vicki Loves Cats
Vicki's Cat Page
Victoria's Owl Pages

The Wally Project
We Need to Stop Animal Cruelty
Welcome From Wintress
Welcome to Riddell's Island
Wheeler Zoo
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Central Florida

Weighty Comments on an Animal Rights Book
Welcome to My Cage
Welcome to Our Homepage
Welqust British Shorthairs
What's a Jellicle Cat?
White Tiger's Den
WillyCat and PatchesCat
Windwood Acres
The Wolf and GreyT Gang
The World According to a Cat
A World Of Jungle Cats

YazMeow's Den
The Yellowstone Wolves

Zeke the Wonder Bouv
Zuzia's Furpage

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