Cats under the Jellicle Moon

Little Furry Jellicles
my adopted Cats

Cleo Grizabella
Thanks to Demeter for this picture of Cleo, her very own "totally feline" Grizabella.
Paw on over to Demeter's Repose to adopt your own Jellicle cat.

Thanks to Ozzie for adopting this cute little Grizabella for me at Jemima's Junkyard.
There are lots of great Jellicles up for adoption there. Check it out!

Tabitha the little furry Jellicle cat
Thanks to LIL Bombalurina for letting me virtually adopt the adorable Tabitha. Here's what LIL Bombalurina says about her: "She is 16 years old and very very lovable. Although she is the size of Bustopher Jones, she pretty much has the personality of Grizabella, but all my other cats like her." I'm especially happy to hear that she's been accepted by her own little Jellicle tribe! Check out the other cats up for virtual adoption at Bombalurina's Jellicle Hangout

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