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I was going to wait until I wrote profiles of all the Jellicles before putting this page up but who knows when I'll have time to get to all of them so I figured I'd just put up what I have and call this a Work In Progress :-) Anyroad, here are... in my humble opinion... astrological sun signs and personality profiles of some of the Jellicle cats.

The Jellicle Ball

Jellicle Bombalurina from CATS Bombalurina Scorpio

Passionate & assertive, she's proud of her beauty and flaunts her sexuality. She flirts with a lot of the toms, RTT in particular. Bomba is particularly hostile towards Grizabella, possibly because she sees something of her possible future self in Griz who was also a sexy, beautiful & proud queen in her time. But for now, Bomba has her life under control. She's brave (not afraid of Macavity) and protective of her friends, Demeter in particular. And she is a lot of fun to watch!

Jellicle Demeter from CATS Demeter Libra

Kind & compassionate, she has more pity than scorn for Grizabella. She's sensitive & maybe a little psychic... she's the first cat to sense the audience & she warns the rest of the Jellicles when Macavity is near. Demeter can be timid & fearful, probably due to her natural hypersensitivy & some scary life experiences. She might have had a run in with Macavity... she's seems particularly frightened of him. But I think she's a teenager who will become braver & more confident as she grows older. She even gets gutsier during the course of the show & she puts her sensitivity to good use as well: Demeter is the cat who sees through Macavity's Old Deuteronomy disguise in the second act & summons the courage to jump on his back & unmask him!

Jellicle Grizabella from CATS Grizabella Scorpio

The Glamour Cat reminds me of Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard Interestingly, Betty Buckley has played both roles! She's an aging former beauty, a passionate cat who has lived an adventurous, dramatic life. She's moody, sensitive and still vain about what's left of her looks... her claws are long and painted red and she wears a sexy black dress underneath her ragged coat. But she has become introspective with age and experience and she finally wins the other Jellicles over by sharing the wisdom she's gleaned from her memories. As Old Deuteronomy might say, she has had the experience and has not missed the meaning. She is selected to ascend to the Heaviside Layer to be reborn.

Jellicle Jellylorum of CATS Jellylorum Cancer

A kind loving motherly type who keeps on eye on the kittens, guarding them from Macavity & shooing them away from Grizabella. She doesn't seem to be too fond of Tugger's flirting ways and has no doubt given all the female kittens the feline version of the facts-of-life warning talk. She also looks after Gus in his old age. Perhaps she is his daughter?

Jellicle Mistoffelees from CATS Mistoffelees Aquarius

The original conjuring cat is clever, flexible & dextrous, a magical prodigy. He's proud of his abilities without being conceited. He's a bit shy but likes being a part of the tribe. He doesn't want to be the center of attention all the time... with the exception of his one solo turn, he doesn't set himself apart from the group like RTT. Still, he and Tugger are friends... they're very different but they respect one another. Misto is selflessly loyal to the tribe and has a deep love for Deuteronomy. Maybe he's his father. I think Mistoffelees will grow up to be a sort of feline shaman, a very powerful cat indeed.

Michael Gruber as Munkustrap from the Cats video Munkustrap Capricorn

A natural leader, intelligent, responsible and rather serious. Munkustrap is second in command (after Old Deuteronomy), respected by his fellow Jellicles and always ready to help and defend the tribe. He acts as master of ceremonies in the show and is pretty much "in charge" of the junkyard... as much as anyone can be in charge of a bunch of cats ... he really has his paws full, trying to direct the "actors" in the story of the Pekes and the Pollicles :-)

Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer Gemini

These two fun-loving cat burglars are clever, adventurous and natural comedians. They've no doubt charmed their way out of many a tight spot. The other Jellicles may laugh at some of their pranks but they don't trust them a whit. But even though they'd have no qualms about stealing your Woolworth pearls or breaking your Ming vase, they're not mean, murderous types and are minor criminals compared with the notorious Macavity.

Jellicle Macavity of CATS Macavity Scorpio

The Mystery Cat is intelligent and a talented magician in his own nasty way. He's also the local crime boss... a feline blend of The Godfather and Darth Vader. And he also seems to be somewhat of a sex fiend... he tries to catnap Demeter. He's deserted the Jellicle tribe for the Dark Side of the junkyard.

Old Deuteronomy on Broadway Old Deuteronomy Taurus

Old Deuteronomy is the the ancient and beloved leader of the Jellicle tribe. He's related to them all...father to some, grandfather... and maybe even great-grandfather... to others. And according to legend, he's had 99 wives! He's lost some of his physical prowess over the years but none of his wisdom and he alone holds the key to the Heaviside Layer. He's a gentle giant of a cat with a big, booming voice and a strong but sensitive character.

Jellicle Rum Tum Tugger of CATS Rum Tum Tugger Leo

This curious cat is sexy, full of fun and full of himself. He looooves to be the center of attention. He flirts with many of the females... Bombalurina in particular... and he's sexual catnip to the female kittens... sort of a cross between Mick Jagger & the Fonz. He's rather arrogant and sometimes sets himself apart from and above the rest of the tribe but he also has tremendous respect Old Dueternonomy and his authority. He's also a huge admirer of the magical Mr. Mistoffelees. The guy knows talent!

Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat SkimbleshanksVirgo

The Railway Cat is an energetic and responsible hard working fellow, helping to keep the Northern Mail on schedule and the passengers in line... when he's not sleeping. Well, he's usually working so hard he deserves a nap now and then, right? Generally, Skimble is a protective uncle and a serious cat, disapproving of much of the rambunctious behavior some of the younger Jellicles. He definitely doesn't approve of "hilarity and riot." But he does like an occasional bit of fun. He does approve of his fellow Jellicles' makebelieve train, not to mention a drop of scotch in his tea ;-)

Some more astrological associations... profiles coming soon... well, eventually... ;-)

Bustopher Jones.... Libra/Scorpio cusp
Cornicopat & Tantomile....Pisces
Growltiger...Aries/Taurus cusp
Griddlebone...Libra/Scorpio cusp
Victoria.............Libra/Scorpio cusp

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