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animated laughing cat

1990 ~ Monday in manic housekeeping mode, helping "mom & dad" as only a kitten can.
She was a cute little cat who thought she was a mountain lion, She would to do anything to "get high", climbing up legs to perch on shoulders. I don't know if she did these things to entertain us but she sure made us laugh! She shared our lives for 12 years... so many wonderful memories. We will never stop loving you, Monday!

The Diva aka Cat Petting 101

2006 ~ Our cats tuxedo Pouncival & tabby Harmony, who we lost in 2012.I'm so glad we took pictures and videos of our cats. "So many sweet, funny or just wonderful memories. Do you have a cat who loves to hog the camera like Pouncival?

Harmony the Spinning Cat

Harmony loved to spin on our barstools and one push was never enough. RIP Harmony, 2012. You will always be spinning in our hearts.

Coming Soon

Tom Cavanagh & Lisa Stawecki channel The Beatles to HELP shelter animals

On August 17, 2013 the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter hosted its first Free Love Woofstock and Newpurrt Festival to showcase its shelter pets and promote its "Summer of Love" pet adoption program, which waives all adoption fees between June and September. Tom Cavanagh & Lisa Stawecki paid tribute to Johnny Cash & The Beatles.

Coming soon ~ 8 week old kitten Monday in 1989, shot with an old school camcorder (when you get to the part where I'm shooting into the mirror so you can see a very tiny kitten walking around on my shoulders you'll see what a dinosaur it was!)
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