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HOLIDAY 2017 GRAND RE-OPENING! After being on hiatus for personal reasons, Gypsy Cat Jewelry is open for business again. Thank you to all who have offered condolences for the deaths of my mother, father & furbaby Harmony; your prayers & positive energies are deeply appreciated. I have moved & am living in the country now, in the quaint little town of Walton in Central New York. Moving is always difficult, but I have fallen in love with this place. Being so close to nature is nurturing & inspiring & there are also a lot of talented local musicians & artists who I am proud to call friends.

I am now focusing on making earrings, pendants & necklaces and have added Feng Shui-inspired designs to those inspired by feline family members & the classic magical television series, Charmed. You will find designs using amethyst & black onyx beads. As always, all my jewelry is made of genuine sterling silver & natural gemstones & crystals & as I am a Reiki healer, all pieces are also charged with Reiki energy as I make them. I've also lowered prices to make my jewelry more accessible during these challenging economic times.

Celtic Cat filigree pendant amethyst Victorian Cat Dangle Earrings sterling silver & amethyst Victorian Cat Dangle Earrings sterling silver & black onyx Celtic Cat filigree pendant black onyx

Flying Cat Angel Cat necklace sterling silver stealth pentacle charm

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For me, making jewelry is even more fun than wearing it so this collection is truly a labor of love. I'm also a Reiki healer and have noticed that the channeled healing energy of Reiki and the subtle energies of natural gemstones and sterling silver enhance one another beautifully so all the jewelry I make and sell are charged with Reiki energy as I make them.

For anyone not familiar with Reiki (pronounced ray-key) it is, in its simplest translation, universal life energy. It has also been referred to in other cultures as light, chi, prana, God/Goddess energy, and spirit. It is the life force that exists in all things. The practice of Reiki is the art and science of channeling this universal life energy to promote spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Reiki is not associated with any particular religion, and is equally compatible with Wicca, eclectic Paganism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc.

As Reiki involves directing the natural flow of universal energy, it can best be likened to recharging a battery. When a battery's energy supply is low, it doesn't function well. By introducing a charge to it, it can once again run on its own. Reiki works much the same way. If you are suffering from an illness (physical, mental, or spiritual), your energy supply is lessened, Reiki works to assist you in bringing your energy level back up to its natural flow, thereby enhancing your own natural healing powers. Reiki is an "open ended" energy. As my jewelry is being made, the "channel" is being opened... think of it like jump starting the battery of a car :-) But you can decide how the energy is to be directed and used. Just by wearing the jewelry, Reiki energy will be interacting with your own personal "vibe" so you don't have to do anything to benefit from it. But if you want you can direct it specifically towards healing, protection, love or anything else you would like more of in your life by charging it through creative visualization. All this means is holding the jewelry in your hands while focusing on your intent (becoming more healthy, loved, safe, prosperous, etc).

I also have created earrings and pendants that harness the power of Feng Shui to attract and/or increase love in relationships. When you look at the Double Happiness symbool, you can clearly distinguish two identical figures holding hands. There is perfect symmetry, flow and balance in the Chinese double happiness sign, which speak of the possibility of a lasting harmonious energy in a love relationship. It is a "must-have" calligraphy symbol at any traditional Chinese wedding, as well as a popular feng shui love cure. Another of my favorite and most potent Feng Shui Love symbols combines the symbol for Chi- the breath of life ~ with the heart and grace. Love breaths life into the heart and grace into the body. The combined symbol helps clear the way for positive loving energy flow.

Each pendant & pair of earrings has its own energy & Next to each photo is a brief description followed by the price.
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~~~ I am no longer shipping internationally. ~~~

My apologies to everyone out there in our global village, but dealing with the bureaucratic complications of multiple postal services has become too expensive, too cumbersome and lately, too often unreliable. I ship all packages within the U.S. fully insured and with delivery confirmation.

If you'd like more information about the gemstones or the symbology, click on the hyperlinks which will either lead a page dedicated to some of my favorite gemstones or to a page of sacred, spiritual or otherwise significant (at least to me :-) symbols.

peaceful purrs & healing light,
CatAnna aka Catresea Ann Canivan

Victorian filigree sterling silver cat earrings Victorian filigree cat earrings with black onyx Celtic Cat-Victorian Dangle Earrings in Purple Amethyst $35. The black onyx earrings have SOLD OUT.

These playful dangling filigree cat earrings are lightweight but still have plenty of movement. Each drop is made up of two rich purple genuine amethyst beads, a handmade sterling silver bali bead and a sterling silver filigree cat with a gracefully curling tail. And now they're also available with protective black onyx stones. 1.75" long plus earwires.

Click below to buy the Victorian Cat Dangle Earrings in amethyst $35

Victorian Cat Pendant in black onyx filigree cat pendant in amethyst Victorian Cat Pendant in Black Onyx and Amethyst

Buy Victorian Cat Pendant through PayPal.

Click below to buy the Victorian Cat Pendant in black onyx for $22

Click below to buy the Victorian Cat Pendant in amethyst for $15. I have been having trouble with this link. If it's not working, you can click on the link for the black onyx pendant and write that you want the amethyst pendant.

Angel Cat Charm Angel Cat Pendant I started making these pendants in memory of my own dearly departed furbabies. A graceful sterling silver cat with angel wings hangs from a Celtic-inspired bale; It measures approximately 1 3/4 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide, including the bale which is large enough to accommodate most necklace chains. The sterling silver is blackened for an antique look but if you prefer your pendant bright and shiny, just dip it in sterling silver cleaner.

Click below to buy the Angel Cat Pendant for $25

Triquetra Moon Necklace has SOLD OUT

Note: All earrings are made for pierced ears

The electronic shopping cart automatically adds shipping charges when you order. Shipping cost within U.S. is $6.25 for first $50 with $1.00 added for each additional $50 in purchases. I am usually able to ship within 72 hours of payment and always use USPS priority mail so if you live in the continental U.S. your package should arrive in a week or less; shipments to Alaska or Hawaii might take a bit longer. I ship within the U.S. only.
There are many theories about crystal healing and why it works but I believe that Magic Happens when the subtle energy of the gemstone is aroused by creative focus in the mind, heart & spirit of the person wearing it. Melody, author and teacher who has led crystal healing workshops all over the world, has written extensively & eloquently about these gifts of mother earth in her book Love Is In The Earth A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals I've also learned much from Scott Cunningham's Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic so I've also included some quotes from these excellent books on the Crystal Healing page.

10% of the profits from the sale of my jewelry is donated to animal welfare charities, one of which is Winging Cat Rescue.

Their mission is to save cats and kittens from Death Row, place them in foster care, and ultimately find forever homes for as many as possible. They are a nationwide licensed rescue organization currently focusing on (but not exlusive to) an Animal Control Pound in Griffin, Georgia in the U.S. This pound uses inhumane gas chambers as their method of "euthanasia" and Winging Cat Rescue is determined to save as many cats as they can. They rely solely on private donations. Please visit their website to read more about their work and view some of the beautiful deserving cats they are trying to help.

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