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2017 ~ Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast joins Game of Thrones

This year my costume for Halloween will be a combination of one I made & wore in ancient priestess of the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast/Bastet...& one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones. If you'd like some ideas for transforming yourself into YOUR favorite character... Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow for example... check out

The Game Of Thrones Costume Cosplay Shop

You can transform yourself into any of the Game of Thrones characters, or mix a GoT look with something else and see if anyone recognizes who you're supposed to be LOL. Being a cat lover, I'm going to combine my Egyptian Cat Goddess costume with some things inspired by Daenerys. She is the Mother of Dragons I will be the Mother of Cats :-)

Another great source of creative Halloween spoookiness
Halloween Costumes

All the costumes on these pages were made for Halloween but some got to enjoy a few other special occasions as well. I love dressing up and my husband John gets a kick out if it too. I remember one of our best dates before we got married was a costume party at SUNY Farmingdale... I was a flapper and John was ALfred E Neuman from MAD magazine. What an Odd Couple!

Halloween 2016 ~ Joan Jett rocks the 1980s

Well it's October which means less than a month to Halloween!
I had been going to a lot of Open Mics and Karaoke nights so I wanted a costume that was musical and retrot.
Joan Jett? Cyndi Lauper? Hmmmmm... I do LOVE Rock and Roll...OK Joan Jett it was.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

To emulate Joan, you need short, spiked black hair, which you can get by either dyeing and styling your hair or by wearing a wig. Wear an outfit made up of a punk rock T-shirt, black leather pants or leggings, a black leather jacket and black leather boots or high-top sneakers. You can also get a jacket, pants or boots made of "pleather" or "Vegan leather" (artificial leather fabrics, many created through the use of acrylic, PVC, nylon or vinyl fibers.)Joan also wears tight black or dark blue denim jeans or jeggings, often in a distressed style. Accessorize with black belts, wristbands and a collar, studded with metal or spikes or just wear goth or Steampunk jewelry. For makeup, go for the smokey eye with smudgable black eyeliner and eyeshadows in shades of gray or brown blended almost to the eyebrows. That was Joan's 80s style. Today she still lines her eyes in black but often colors her eyelids with lighter shimmery shadow. And tatts are cool. If you don't have real ones, there are a lot of temporary tattoos you can buy. Just as important as your costume will be your attitude; Joan doesn't care about her Bad Reputation ;-)

I'm still putting together my own costume; it's been a busy month. How annoying when work gets in the way of fun! I'll put up a picture when I've got it all together. Some inspiration...

Halloween 2015

rock star This Halloween I'll be acting my age... and Meryl Streep's age... and dressing up in a costume inspired by the movie "Ricki and the Flash". I'll need a long straight blonde wig , clip in braid extensions and lots of black leather or pleather ("veggie leather"): jacketmotorcycle jacket or vestbiker vest , Harley Davidson style bootsblack leather boots and black tight jeans or leggings. I'm also thinking of a black stretch long sleeve lace leotard underneath it all and lots of goth and steampunk jewelry... Ricki especially favors necklacesgoth necklace and rings , though I think earrings and/or bracelets would work too. She also wears fringed accessories... a shoulder or crossbody bag dripping with fringe would really rock the costume. Her necklaces are usually black and/or silver.

And how cool would it be if you could sing and/or play songs from the soundtrack?Ricki and the Flash soundtrack I'm in the process of learning Dobie Gray's "Drift Away" :-)
The soundtrack includes American Girl , Keep Playing That Rock & Roll , Wooly Bully , Drift Away ,My Love Will Not Let You Down , Cold One , Let's Work Together , I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For , Bad Romance , Get The Party Started , Walk On , Here I Am , For The Turnstiles , Paint It Black

Halloween 2014

TARDIS The Doctor's Wife Being an avid Whovian I'm going to be River Song from Doctor Who this year. River wears a lot of >different outfits; which should I pick? You've got to start with the hair which is blonde and curly and kind of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey out-of-control. This wig would work nicely. Next the high boots: sturdy, brown, low heeled and preferably with straps and or laces. Think Steampunk These Madden Girl Women's Lilith Motorcycle Boots in brown are perfect. Of course you'll need River Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver (with Light & Sound FX) ANd now for the hard part: the dress. River favors earthy colors like khaki, tan and olive. A classic River Song look would be sleeveless and fitted at the top, loose and flouncy below a thick wide belt. A holster belt or thigh high holster would look great. As yet I haven't decided exactly how and with what to assemble the complete costume but I am considering this Justin Womens Vintage Heart Belt Chocolate partly because it's ubercool and not just for Halloween and partly because the heart-shaped buckle reminds me of River's "Hello Sweetie" catch phrase. And I love the ornate decorations... not too girly... River would not like that... but interesting and possibly practical in the world of Doctor Who. Another possibility for the main part of the costume is to wear aCorset like this Steel Boned Steampunk Corset, Jacket, and Belt/Pouch in Brown What's cool about this is that it has a built in wide belt and it looks sexy AND tough. If you're into Steampunk you'll be able to wear it over and over. It could be paired with midi length Brown Gaucho Pants or wide legged trousers tucked into your boots. And don't forget to practice saying "Hello Sweetie" and "Spoilers" with a sexy British accent. And definitely don't forget to strut!

Halloween 2010

After a couple of years of costume recycling ~ something completely different :-) John and I both loved the Alice In Wonderland movie so much that we're going to make Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat costumes this year.

Alice In Wonderland

Halloween 2005 & 2007

I was sick for Hallowe'en 2006 (sniff! sniff!) but the year before John and I dressed up as Stevie Nicks and John Lennon and last year things got crazy so we fell back on our Nicks/Lennon costumes again. This year we're going to 3 parties; for one I'm dragging out the Black Cat Goddess costume and for the other 2 I'm going to be a different flavor of flapper than I was in 2003.

I've had this dress and waist cincher a long time; they've been to a lot of Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac concerts. The shoes are just strappy character pumps from Danksin Dancewear They're comfortable. I admire those who can dance all night in platform boots. My wimpy feet have never been able to manage it. This is the wig I bought, but there are lots of long blonde styles available here... for example if you want Stevie's curly 80s look, just add "curly" or "wavy" to your search terms when you get to the site.

John's shirt is from Land's End The IMAGINE on the back of the shirt is made up of ironed on appliques, as is the peace sign. The beads and buttons are mostly vintage sixties (we're old LOL!) The newsboy cap is from e4hats The tie dye shirt is from Old Glory; The sunglasses are from a local flea market and the jeans are just regular old Levi's®

Halloween 2004

My costume was inspired by the Catwoman movie (which was waaaay better than most critics would lead you to believe!) As you can see this doesn't involve a tight leather catsuit though if you're looking for one for yourself you can find some links here. I wanted to do something feline with an Egyptian theme so I dressed as a modern interpretation of an ancient priestess of Bast the Cat Goddess. I already had the dress which is actually sleevless; I added the the lace-and-bead triangular overlay (taken off a thrift shop dress) to make it look more Egyptian. I forget where I bought the waist cincher as I've had it for years. I made the necklace of lapis lazuli and sterling silver ankhs, crescent moons and cats and the headpiece is a combination of a Cleopatra-style dreadlocks wig and cat-ears-on-a-headband from John revisited his youth as a hippie this year which doesn't exactly match my Egyptian cat priestess idea but I found the perfect tie-in for our costumes on eBay: this Grateful Dead tie-dye shirt with a grinning Egyptian pharoah skull design on the front and winged Isis on the back. The wig is leftover from his Braveheart costume of a few years ago and we picked up the headband at a local flea market for a buck. The glasses and peace pins are vintage 1960s; we both grew up in that era and saved a bit of memorabilia. But he cheated with the jeans and shoes - they should've been bell bottoms and sandals. Ah, well. He made up for it by making a combination ankh and peace sign out of wood; I painted it with gold paint from Michaels Crafts. I think this nicely ties together our costumes.
Happy Halloween everybody!

Halloween 2003

Last year "Chicago" inspired us to become characters from the 1920s. My flapper costume was totally different from the outfit I wore years ago as all that's left of that is the long pearls! So I wore those with a black beaded fringed dress that I picked up at a thrift shop. I wasn't sure about the headpiece... Buy Costumes had a cute headband with a big fluffy feather... but I waited too long to order and they were sold out so I ended up making my own headband out of stretchy black sequinned trim and a peacock feather, both from JoAnn's. The bob wig I wanted was sold out at WowWigs so I ended up with Renee Zellweger-inspired short curly hair, only in burgundy; I wanted to be a dark gothy flapper :-) I made the long dangly earrings out of black onyx & sterling silver beads. "John the Bootlegger" wore a black shirt, wide pleated trousers, gray striped suspenders, a pocket watch on a long chain, black & white shoes & a fedora. We went to a party at the Snapper Inn in Oakdale hosted by The Wise Man, a DJ from the Long Island oldies station B-103 and had a blast. Shout outs to anybody who was there, especially the other two couples dressed like twenties gangsta couples :-)

Hope everybody had a very happy Halloween too!

Halloween 2002

Two years ago John decided to be Braveheart. I looked around for plaid fabric but I would have needed so much of it that we decided to go with the Scottish man costume at Buy Costumes A good look but the shirt was white and I doubt if an ancient Scottish freedom fighter's shirt would be white for very long so I added dirt in the form of brown powdered eye shadow. We had a wig that's sort of a cross between a holy man and a hippie that worked nicely once we messed it up and added a few dreadlocks. The shoes had me stumped until a helpful netizen suggested cheap tan sneakers and wrapping John's feet and legs with canvas strips. (Thanks, Angela!) And of course there was blue face paint. John was in charge of the weapons department; Here's his version of the sword:
Braveheart's sword

Halloween fairy costume

I already owned the basis of my fairy costume before Halloween: a leotard with attached handkerchief hem skirt and two other flowy watercolor chiffon pieces to layer over it. Here's a picture of the first fitting (being carefully supervised by our nosey cat Harmony of course!) I still hadn't added glitter to the bodice. I bought elf ears from buycostumes and the superlong Angela wig at WowWigs

The crown is an old Ren Faire flower circlet with some glittery stuff added. and the wand, the fiberoptic princess wand from Spencer Gifts I bought silvery spray glitter by Bourjois at Sephora I gave it a test run at a dance club before Halloween and loved it... sprays on evenly and stays put all night without drying out my skin. I've since gone through two cans :-)

Ta da! Our finished costumes :-)

Braveheart Halloween costume Fairy Halloween Costume Braveheart and his fairy guardian
At the last minute I added a sheer cape to my costume made by opening one seam on a skirt I'd bought on eBay last summer. The necklace is also an ebay bargain; sorry it's too delicate to see in the photos but it's a Celtic design with moonstones. And the wand is glowing but of course this doesn't show up in the picture either! Special thanks to John for shaving his mustache off in the spirit of authenticity :-)

Halloween 2001

Three years ago John transformed himself into Apollo the Sun God and I became an aspect of the Moon Goddess... in spirit, anyroad. Not everyone at the costume parties we went to knew who we were... one woman thought John was the Emperor Caesar and I was Cleopatra, LOL! I guess that crescent moon on my head looked like as asp to her. John also was called Nero... either they mistook his musical instrument for a fiddle or thought Nero had lyre-d while Rome burned ;-) Someone else thought I was the Oracle of Delphi. OK, that's closer. Here are some pics of the costumes:

Sun God costume for Halloween Moon Goddess Costume for Halloween
aspect of the Moon Goddess

Apollo the Sun God
I made the main part of John's costume, the sash and headband are from a local flea market and I think I bought the sun patch at Spencer Gifts. John made the lyre (he's a carpenter by trade) of soft pine wood and gift wrap twine. My dress is by Begotten and I made the headpiece from an old lace mantila, a chiffon scarf from the same flea market, an old silver crescent moon pendant and star shaped sequins. Our glitter is from FairiesNthings BTW, the moon and sun stained glass windows were made by our very talented friend Becky. We liked them so much that we took them with us when we moved :-)

Halloween 2000

Four years ago we made what turned out to be two of my favorite costumes:
Grizabella and the Rum Tum Tugger from the musical show CATS.

Grizabella the Glamour Cat costume The Rum Tum Tugger costume

Grizabella: The wig is a combination of a granny psycho wig and some doll maker's curls from Pearl Art Supplies. I sewed the curls on around the face then frizzed them a little so they'd blend in with the bushy wig. [8/2002 note: This was a lot of work! If were making the costume now I'd probably just buy the Lioness wig at WowWigs online. It looks a lot like Betty Buckley's Griz wig] Anyroad... on my wig the ears were cut off one of those cheapo black-cat-ears-on-a-headband deals, with gray maribou feathers stuck on. The "coat" is actually a stole I made from maribou boas in light and dark gray. You can't tell from this picture but there are many more strips of maribou hanging down in back to imitate Grizabella's raggedy coat. I already had the dress and sheer long-sleeved leotard. The tail... which doesn't show in the picture, but trust me, it's there... is mixed black and white maribou, as are the wristbands (tacked onto the gloves) and the "fur" on the shoes.

Rum Tum Tugger: For the wig, I started with a Rubies hood (the cat accessory pack at Buy Costumes is simliar I think), cutting off the lower cape part. What was left was a head covering that was way too big in back. So I pulled it tight at the nape of my very cooperative husband's neck and pinned it up the back so I'd know how much to take it in. It comes with these kinda cheesey rubber ears that we didn't like so I covered them with scraps of furry stuff from the cape part. I colored the wig with floral sprays in saffron, brown & ivory. To make the ears more permanent, the tips were stuck together with Elmer's Glue and the whole wig doused with hair spray. For the ruff, I cut this shaggy brown collar off an old coat. I lightened parts of it a little with saffron & ivory floral spray. The coat's sleeves and hem were also trimmed with shaggy material so I cut some off to add an extra layer of "fur" in back. To make it easy to take on and off, I sewed the ruff onto a black vest. That's just a plain old black turtleneck underneath. The fuzzy leopard material came from an old scarf. The tail was made from the rest of the scarf & stuffed with rags with some black maribou sewn onto the end. John flat out refused to wear a unitard (GGG) so we had to make due with black jeans with more shaggy stuff sewn onto the cuffs. The mitts came with the wig.

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