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If you are or know of a kitty who needs comforting, healing, prayers and good strong positive energy leave a message in our free forum by clicking on the icon below. My Apologies to those I have not been able to answer in the forum; since I moved & changed my email I have been having problems accessing the forum. But it is up and running again as of Nov 1, 2016. If you left a message before that, please re-post. Brightest Blessings to you and your furkids.

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reiki distance healing

This is a multidenominational healing list. Everyone has his or her own special ways of helping others heal and all ways are respected here. So whether you pray, send healing thoughts telepathically, ask angels or guides for help, or hold a ritual your good will is appreciated!

The healing energy I'll be sending to any cat who requests it is Reiki (pronounced ray-key) which is, in its simplest translation, universal life energy. It has also been referred to in other cultures as light, chi, prana, and spirit. It is the life force that exists in all things. The practice of Reiki is the art and science of channeling this universal life energy to promote spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

As Reiki involves directing the natural flow of universal energy, it can best be likened to recharging a battery. When a battery's energy supply is low, it doesn't function well. By introducing a charge to it, it can once again run on its own. Reiki works much the same way. If you are suffering from an illness (physical, mental, or spiritual), your energy supply is lessened, Reikiworks to assist you in bringing your energy level back up to its natural flow, thereby enhancing your own natural healing powers. The Reiki practitioner does not suffer from an energy depletion, as they are trained to channel energy from the outside environment, not from their personal supply.

What I'll be doing here is distance healing. Just as energy travels through an electrical cord, so does the energy of the universe travel from the Reiki practitioner to the animal receiving the treatment. Reiki can be more effective than pet health insurance, which only cover medical treatments.

Books & DVDs about Reiki & other Hands-on Healing & Energy Treatments

Speak to My Heart DVD
Carla Person's Step By Step Method for Shamanic Animal Communication
The first DVD to teach animal communication, using the Shamanic method. Carla has pioneered this methodology, working closely with her spirit teachers to create simple steps that allow even the most novice beginners to communicate with animals and enter the shamanic journey. The DVD is based on Carla's own Shamanic Animal Communication classes and the step by step instructions and simple exercises on this DVD are intermixed with footage of actual workshops, so you can join in with others as you experience this amazing work.

Animal Reiki : Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life
by Elizabeth Fulton & Kathleen Prasad

Cat Massage
by Maryjean Ballner

The Healing Touch for Cats: The Proven Massage Program for Cats
by Michael W. Fox

Getting In TTouch with Your Cat
by Linda Tellington Jones & Sybil Taylor

Hands-On Healing for Pets: The Animal Lover's Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy
by Margrit Coates

The Reiki Sourcebook
by Bronwen & Frans Stiene

Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing the Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice
by Libby Barnett, Maggie Chambers, Susan Davidson

Practical Reiki: Focus Your Body's Energy for Deep Relaxation and Inner Peace
by Richard Ellis

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art
by Diane Stein

Hands-On Healing: A Practical Guide to Channeling Your Healing Energies
by Jack Angelo

Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine
by Sage Holloway

The Women's Book of Healing
Auras, Chakras, Laying on of Hands, Crystals, Gemstones, and Colors
by Diane Stein

Alternative Health Care for Pets

The Nature of Animal Healing
The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat
by Martin Goldstein D.V.M.

Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies for Cats
Safe and Effective Alternative Treatments and Healing Techniques from the Nations Top Holistic Veterinarians
by Martin Zucker

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals
by Helen Graham & Gregory Vlamis

Flower Essences for Animals: Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love
by Lila Devi

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals
A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils and Hydrosols With Animals
by Kristen Leigh Bell

Crystal Healing for Animals
by Martin J. Scott& Gael Mariani

Animal Communication

The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals
by Carol Gurney

Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals
by Arthur Myers

Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life
by Dawn Baumann Brunke

Animal Communication
A Self-Help Workbook for Understanding and Living in Harmony with Your Pets
by Carol Alohalani Becker

Animal Communication
A Self-Help Workbook for Understanding and Living in Harmony with Your Pets
by Carol Alohalani Becker

When Animals Speak: Advanced Interspecies Communication
by Penelope Smith

Wisdom of the Animals
Communication Between Animals and the People Who Love Them
by Raphaela Pope & Elizabeth Morrison,

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This forum was set up especially for cats who need healing. There are many wonderful sites on the web where people can request healing for themselves. Here are a few of them:

SpiralVisions Reiki Request Board
Haven of Serenity
Gateway Center Healing Request Page

Spiritual healing is most effective in conjunction with veterinary care.
Please always consult your vet when your cat has a health problem.

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