Our Happy Memories of Princess Honeybear

Honeybear & her Mom CatAnna

Just 3 short months after we adopted this sweet, loving cat she was diagnosed with advanced diffuse intestinal lymphoma. There was little we could do but try to make her last weeks as happy and comfortable as possible. We had lost our dear Monday last December after 12 wonderful years together. Monday's memorial page begins with a week's worth of excerpts from my journal beginning with the day she died. But even though we are shedding just as many tears for Honeybear, this is not going to be a sad memorial page. I've decided instead to document some of the joyous moments of her life with us in pictures. The music on this page is Paul McCartney's "Mull of Kintyre" one of Honeybear's favorite songs. I played this song for her over and over during her last days with us and it always seemed to calm her. She was a big McCartney fan... another favorite was "Calico Skies" :-)

Honeybear the tail-or Honeybear loved to sit with me while I sewed. She'd start out on the cutting board... here she's keeping a skirt-in-progress warm for me. Such a considerate cat! When I moved to the sewing machine, she'd move to the cozy partially enclosed shelf next to it (below) all the better to keep a close eye on my work. She was wonderful company. This was one of her favorite nesting places.


Feline Yoga Honeybear was a true Meditative Cat just like Monday. Here she is practicing one of her yoga exercises. I think this is the feline version of the half lotus. She seemed to favor prone yoga positions, all the better to tempt us to rub her stomach. She got herself into the cutest positions, it was impossible for us to walk past without petting her. She always rewarded us with the most beautiful purrsongs.

the cat and the bathwater

"What is that stuff and why would anyone want to climb into it?!!!" Honeybear was curious about bathwater but not curious enough to actually touch the stuff. She used to love to wander around the apartment just looking at things, probably trying to fathom the peculiarities of human behavior.

Honeybear's cat dancer

This was one of her favorite play positions. Pawing at a feather and inviting stomach rubs at the same time; what could be better? Honeybear was one of the most affectionate, playful cats I've ever known and this is how I like to remember her. And now I like to picture her playing with Monday, Psyche, Anna and my other angel cats over the Rainbow Bridge. Love always from "Mom and Dad", dear Princess Honeybear, 'til we meet again in the Summerlands.

Smiles in the sunshine and tears in the rain,
Still take me back where my memories remain.
Flickering embers grow higher and higher
As they carry me back to the Mull of Kintyre.

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