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Our Mom likes to meditate ~ she learned it from me.
Because felines are born meditators.
We have been doing it since we were kittens.

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My name is Monday and I prefer open-eyed meditation.
This is a very old picture but it's one of my Moms "lucky shots" so I'm indulging her.

all about cats and their meditative powers
I'm Princess Honeybear, the resident expert in yoga meditation
This is my half lotus pose.

We've both crossed the Rainbow Bridge but we still keep an eye on our human family and guide them when we can. It's a little harder doing this completely telepathicly... as any cat knows, there's nothing like the traditional swat-and-hiss to keep humans on the straight and narrow. They adopted two kittens, the offspring of a feral cat rescued by the Bide-A-Wee clinic and you can be sure we're watching them verrrry closely so they are raised right. And now we proudly present...

Harmony & Pouncival
Harmony & Pouncival
Born April 8 and adopted May 28, 2012.
Click on their picture for even more pictures!

And now, a word from our human Mom:
Our sweet Monday passed away, over the Rainbow Bridge and into the Summerlands, on December 28, 2001 and on May 11, 2002 we lost our dear Princess Honeybear.

October 26, 2012 ~ a sad update ~ we lost our dear Harmony.

And two years later, Pouncival crossed the Rainbow Bridge.I spend a lot of time on Facebook now so so now their memorial pictures and posts can be found there.

CatAnna, forever Mom to Monday, Honeybear, Harmony, Pouncival and Madeline

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