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John Lennon was like the big brother I wish I'd had. When I first discovered the Beatles in 1964, John was just so totally cool: smart, funny, adventurous, talented, rebellious and very direct. Of course I loved his songs and his intimate, slightly nasal vocal style but I was just as impressed by those quick & clever comebacks at press conferences. As time went on I realized that his sarcasm was fueled by a distaste for hypocracy and a desire to tell the truth and live the truth. I was even more impressed. I think John needed his Watching-the-Wheels breaks from the public eye because he was so up front about his beliefs and his life. He truly walked his talk and wasn't afraid to be thought of as "weird." He was a man of contradictions... an angry young man who grew up to campaign for peace... an edgy risk taker who was also a loving family man. In spite of and possibly because of his inner turmoil, he created masterpieces and inspired millions. Peace, love & anarchy forever, John :-)

John Lennon portrait - 1965 Photo of John Lennon by Yoko Ono
Two of my favorite portraits taken about 10 years apart. The second picture is by wife Yoko.

John's Self Portrait - feeling good with cat :-)
"Feeling Good" - This is my favorite piece of Lennon art. How can you not smile? :0)

John Lennon - a very nearsighted man John Lennon and John Lennon in A Hard Day's Night
John had a wonderfully quirky way of looking at things

In memory of John Lennon In memory of John Lennon
In memoriam. We miss you, John.

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