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cute kitten picture - water watcher

You think all cats are afraid of water? Not these cats! Pouncival especially is fascinated by faucets, showers, bathtubs and drains. Or maybe she's mistaken this drain for a mousehole.

Christmas catnip

Meanwhile, Harmony tries to pull his share of catnip flavored presents out of this Yuletide stocking which is a sort of family heirloom. It was a gift for Monday from my sister-in-law MaryAnn a couple of years ago. Honeybear liked it too. I like to imagine their feline spirits joining in the game :-)

flying cat

Pouncival has shown acrobatic talent from the beginning. Here she is training for the 2004 Feline Olympic Broad Jump.

cute cats

Our cute kittens: Best Friends
Even though they're developing separate interests at the end of the day they're still best friends.

Now that Harmony and Pouncival are full-fledged adults (they'll be 4 this coming April), they often show their serious sides.
New Year's Day portraits of our sweet furkids in an introspective mood taken January 1, 2006.

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