Memorable Magical Jellicle Site Award

My Jellicle Awards Page

Many thanks to Courtney aka Jellicle Moon who created this uniquely beautiful award for me.

Yuffie Valentine sent me this lovely award featuring the mysterious Cassandra. Thank mew! Inspirational CATS site award

Thank you Rina for this cute and verrrry clever award!
Rina the Romantical Cat's award

Thanks to Teazer & Mipyr for this beautiful award!
Jellicle Award

Thank you Jemima Kitten for this award that so beautifully illustrates my absolute favorite scene from CATS!
Special award from Jemima Kitten

Another gorgeous award from Jessica and my favorite Munkustrap :-)

Munkustrap's Award

Thanks to Shadow for this beautiful award, and for the costuming advice and encouragement :-)
Shadow's Jellicle Star Award

Ozzie sent me this gorgeous award featuring my favorite Jellicle. Thank mew!
Grizabella Award from By the Light of the Jellicle Moon

Many purry thanks to Jellicat for this beautiful award.
Jellicle Star Award for the Perfect Jellicle Website

Thank mew to Alyzria of Bombalurina's Stuff for this elegant & artistic award. Personalized, too! Bombalurina's Award

Big special thanks to Ozzie for honoring the Jellicle Jungle with his Jellicle Moon Award for December 2000.

This super award is courtesy of Jessica... and Munkustrap :-)

Munkustrap Award

Many thanks to Hannah for this very cool award

Tantomile & Coricopat's Award

Thanks to Terra for this beautiful award!

Tantomile's Award for an enchanting site

My very first Jellicle Award! Thank mew, Phillidia :-)

Phillidia's Cats Page Fan Award

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