Stevie Nicks tribute Night of A Thousand Stevies 2004

New York's annual tribute to Stevie Nicks

NOTS 14 was held at the Knitting Factory in lower Manhattan on May 14, 2004. The Night of 1000 Stevies 15 was held at the same place on friday May 6, 2005. Surf on over to the NOTS 2005 page for photos of last year's event. And if you're planning on going to NOTS 16 (May 19, 2006 - mark your calendar!) - and are in search of Steviewear, check out my Stevie Nicks Style page for some of the best places to buy dresses, skirts, tops, shawls, boots and wigs at reasonable prices. And now for the photos of NOTS circa 2004...

Night of a Thousand Stevies
OK, it's my website so hubby John and I come first LOL! This was taken in the bar downstairs next to the main performance room.

Stevie Nicks fans
Mariel from The Stevie Nicks Chain and her friend Matt

Stevie Nicks fan with shawl
Mariel in semi-twirl in her Celtic shawl. That's the Stevie Nicks Live at Red Rocks video on the screen in the background

Mariel & Matt dancing & singing along downstairs

Stevie Nicks costume
Me in the "twirling room" upstairs. There were performances on this stage later in the night.

some of the NOTS performers main stage first set

Amber Garbo

Stevie Nicks tribute show

tribute to Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks impersonator

Stevie Nicks tribute performer

Photos above copyright 2004 John & Catresea Canivan. If you have a Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac or NOTS site, feel free to use any of our pix but please give credit and a link back to this page. Thanks muchly :-)

Big thanks to Kathy of the Stevie Chain mailing list for the excellent shot of Boy George, Gypsy Wild singing SOTM (my personal favorite performance of the evening :-), ChiChi Valenti and Belladonna on the main stage. Belladonna also performed a lovely version of The Highwayman in the lounge. And yes, that's "Lindsey" in the middle of the big flower LOL!

Boy George sings Go Your Own Way

Gypsy Wild sings Sisters of the Moon

Chi Chi Valenti sings Stevie Nicks

BellaDonna as Stevie Nicks

Well Gypsy Wild aka Teri is not only a brilliant singer and performer but a supernice person! She sent me these great shots via email. Thank you, Teri! Below: Gypsy Wild, Amber Garbo & Billy O.

Amber Garbo performs Stevie Nicks tribute

Gypsy Stevie Nicks Amber Garbo at NOTS 14

Billy O's tribute to Stevie Nicks

Here are some more photos sent in by Teri (Gypsy Wild) That's a VH1 guy interviewing her in the first pic so keep an eye on the TV for more NOTS info! Third photo is Hattie Hathaway (NOTS producer and MC), then the ubercool Egyptian mirror in the ladies' room and some friends of Teri's.

And now we come to my favorite pictures, emailed to me by the talented and generous Amber Garbo (who gave a brilliant performance in the first set and I think in the third set too, though I wasn't lucky enough to catch that one) Boy George performed a uniquely brilliant version of Go Your Own Way.

more pictures here!

If you have NOTS photos you'd like to share - of the performers, yourself, your friends or just the crowd in general,
email me. I'd looooove to see them!

blame it on my wild heart

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