"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated."


Help Stop the Canadian Seal Slaughter!

By the end of the hunt, more than 300,000 seals are expected to be clubbed or shot to death by fishermen who hunt seals off-season to pick up extra cash by selling their skins. Almost all of their victims will be babies -- some as young as 12 days old. Please sign the online petition and do whatever else you can to spread the word and help these defenseless animals.

help cats & dogs hurt & lost in Hurricane katrina
Support is still needed for animals hurt and stranded by Hurricane Katrina
and HSUS and other animal welfare organizations are still helping.
Visit my Hurricane Katrina Animal Relief Funds page for more groups who are involved in animal rescue efforts.

Thank you to Cherie for posting this information on the Clan of the Cavecat mailing list.

On May 22, 2005 the Chapins, a kindly couple out for a drive in Uxbridge MA, took it upon themselves to rescue a cat who had been tortured and burned by the side of the road. When they got him to Tufts (Cummings) Vet School they learned that unless they took financial responsibility for him, he would be put to sleep. Despite the fact that he had just recently lost his job, Mr.Chapin and his wife agreed to pay all expenses. Since May 22 "Phoenix" as the Chapins have named him, has run up bills in excess of $2500 and his survival is still in question. The article I read was in the Worcester Telegram May 31 on page B4.
News Update June 2, 2005: A fund has been set up at the bank below for anyone wanting to contribute to help pay the vet bills for this brave little cat. The Chapins felt he deserved a chance to live because he has shown such a strong will to survive. He is still in intensive care at Tufts Vet School (Tufts University 200 Westboro Road North Grafton, Massachusetts 01536). Please help if you can and pass this information along so that anyone wanting to contribute knows where to send donations.
Speak Up for Animal Rights!

Help Stop Animal Abuse

please help stop animal testing WARNING: The link to the left contains graphic photographic evidence of the pain inflicted on animals in laboratories. You can help stop this horror by only buying the products of those responsible companies that do not test their products on animals and boycotting those who do. For listings of both visit
PETA's Online Shopping Guide.

Animal testing is NOT necessary! Find out more at
All For Animals
The Physician's Committee For Responsible Testing

Feral cats 
have rights too

Noah's Ark - don't let it happen again

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