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Peace Plantation Animal Sanctuary

My husband John & I visit this beautiful place whenever we're in Walton, a lovely small town in central New York State. We've been there many times since I put up my first Peace Plantation photo page and have taken many pictures of some of the more than 200 cats and kittens who live here. John took this picture of me & three cuddly feline residents in the summer of 2005. Peace Plantation's available feline sanctuary space consists of 14 colony rooms that, when combined, total more than 6,300 square feet of floor and shelf space. The majority of these colonies offer access to a full acre of outdoor, fenced-in grassy yards.

If you're in the Walton (Delaware County) area and looking for a furbaby to adopt, or just want to lose yourself in a sea of hypnotic purring for while, visiting hours at Peace Plantation are 12:30-4:00pm daily; you can call 1-607-865-5759 for directions. And tell the sanctuary's managing director Michael and all the wonderful animal caretakers on his staff that Cat and John, the mad cat petting photographers from Long Island, say "Hello" (and "Meow" :-)


These beauties are three of the 48 cats rescued by Peace Plantation workers who traveled to New Orleans in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
Many of the other Katrina Cats are among those who have been adopted by loving local families :-)

Summer, 2007

Peace Plantation is a nonprofit animal welfare organization with a central mission "to provide lifelong sanctuary and adoption services to homeless animals..." It relies solely on charitable contributions to achieve its mission and does not receive any financial assistance from local, state or federal governments. Although separately incorporated, Peace Plantation operates under the auspices of the National Humane Education Society, from which it receives needed resources to carry out its program services.
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