We cats require a variety of special places to be content; I know I do. A cozy spot under the master bed or the far corner of the linen closet is fine during a thunderstorm, but where do we hang out during those long summer days when the birds beckon us to come out and play? Do your mom and dad keep you locked up inside a stuffy house? Is it tough to satisfy your bird-watching instincts by peering through blinds and under shades? Welcome to the overprotected cat club! They say it's for our own good. They probably think some bird is gonna hypnotize us and lure us under the wheels of a careening truck. Human moms and dads mean well but they sometimes forget about our needs to birdwatch in comfort. But, Thank Bastet, Dad finally built me my own...

The entrance is through a basement window. Dad built a hopping ramp on the side that's really cool. I have to leap up a couple of feet to the first landing, but I don't mind. From that point it's two quick hops to the ledge by the casement window. When it's open I can venture out into a screened-in room with a corrugated clear plastic roof. It's a great place to bask in the sunshine or the moonshine. I like this spot best in the early morning when robins and sparrows are pulling worms out of the dew-soaked ground. It would be nice to pounce on a robin, but I'll have to be content to just watch. Actually I kind of like watching. Does that make me a voyeur?:-)

Dad also built me my own special...

There's a 4 watt vent fan inside that's always on. And lots of privacy. I like it. Mom and Dad like it too. They say the odor problem is finally solved. Humph! Like that bathroom of theirs smells like a rose garden!

If you'd like your human Mom or Dad to build a nice new catplace for you, ask my Dad to send them his plans. Dad is a bit mercenary so you'll have to convince your Mom and Dad that plans for the Kitty Sunroom and the Kitty Bathroom are well worth the $10 bill he's gonna stick them with. If you're interested, e-mail me at Good luck. Let me know how you make out.

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