The Society of Meditative Cats

Memorial Picture Page

Monday 1989-2001
Honeybear 1998-2002



Nibbles 6/1985 - 5/20/2003

Zipper, Lucy & Chagity still live on in the heart of Ruth Krammer

Cyndi's beloved Purrby

Hans' dear Zeth-Zeth

created this beautiful tribute for her sweet Mercury

Barry's much loved Fluffy

Jen's beloved baby girl, Batty

Ebony, Helen's faithful feline companion for 8 years
June 13, 1998 - January 23, 2006

Ktnlin's Lovey was with her for 21 wonderful years.

Amy & Patrick's Pekoe
was with them for but a short time but, as Amy says, "she left big pawprints on all our hearts."

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