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RFN: The Global Friendship Network - Get Paid To Socialize!

Breaking news Dec 1, 2007~
RFN: The Rotatrix Friends Network is now in 'beta testing' and promises to make 'Internet History' as the least expensive, most profitable, team building system and community on the Internet today. It now includes a 2-level downline with a 100% matching bonus on what your referrals make as long as you get 1000 points in any given month. And you don't have to do much to earn 1000 points, you can easily do it just leaving comments on your friends' pages. But you can also get points for uploading photos, posting & responding to blog entries, creating quizzes and polls, surfing advertisers' sites, and more. You will receive this 100% matching bonus for everyone you refer who gets at least 500 points, and also on who your referred members refer as well, if they make 500 points or more. So join up now to be at the top of the tree and invite your friends. It's free so you have nothing to lose!
Social Networking the last couple of years has rapidly become a multi-million dollar Industry and experts are predicting that this is only the start, as more and more people are realizing the power of using 'Social Communities' to brand both themselves and their businesses and to allow them to build lifelong friendships and business alliances along the way. You're probably familiar with MySpace and Facebook. They're a lot of fun, but the owners of those online communities pocket all the profits. At Rotatrix Friends, the owners share a portion of their profits with their members... after all it's the members that are building the community.

After all what is a Community without its members?

In order to ensure that every member who joins RFN has the opportunity to earn incredible monthly incomes however, this Communities membership also receive profit sharing uniquely from the Advertising Revenues of the Community and from our Rotatrix Family of sites as well as our Traffic Exchange and Rotatrix Advertising System.

If you are looking for a Social Network that truly rewards its membership, or a business that you can literally build in your spare time, or are a newbie marketer or even just considering getting started in the world of Internet Marketing then Rotatrix Friends Network has been designed especially for you. We are an easy to maintain, easy to promote, passive income system that will have you earning monthly residuals as a part of the most dynamic Community on the Internet today.

RFN: The Global Friendship Network - Get Paid To Socialize!

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