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Monday's Friends' Home Page
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This is Psyche.
She was very shy and sweet and an expert at the Silent Meow
She lived with Mom for almost 17 people-years.

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This is Anna.
She crossed the Rainbow Bridge several years ago
but she still comes to visit Mom in her dreams.
Mom thinks she's a magical cat.
All cats are magical, Mom!

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Mark of Mark's Place has created a beautiful painting based on this photo of Anna.
You can see this and many more lovely pet portraits at Mark's Place

This is Tigretti from the old neighborhood.
She would eat practically anything but got very cranky when she was hungry. RIP, sweetie.

This is Wildcat and his mom Callie.
Don't mess with Wildcat's mom!

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All photos above ©Copyright 1975 - 2008 Catresea Ann Canivan

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