Stevie Nicks Style and where to buy it

romantic enchanted boho inspired clothing for proms, weddings, dances, Renaissance faires
or communing with the fae in your garden :-)

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I think Stevie would approve :-)

night of 1000 stevies costume
Stevie Nicks is touring again! So if you want to put together a great Stevie costume for a concert or two ... or if you just like dressing in rock and roll gypsy style... you don't have to spend a mint on custom made clothes. Online stores to the rescue! I'm in the process of collecting links to romantic gypsy inspired dresses, skirts, shawls, tops, boots and jewelry I've found surfing the web. Maybe one of them will help you put together your perfect Stevie Nicks look. And if you really want to get into the spirit with a Stevie styled wig, scroll down the page :-)


black shawl with sequins and fringe chinese floral silk shawl fringed
Left: Openweave Black Beaded Shawl with fringe 14"x72"

Center: Beaded Peacock Silk Velvet Shawl in Red, Black, Purple, Tourquoise, Beige or Brown

Right: Handwoven Chinese Silk Fringed Floral Shawl

Victorian Style Boots

vintage lace up wedding boots

Left: Victorian Leather & Lace Wedding Boots in white, beige or black

Platform Boots

Lace, Chiffon & Hanky Hem Skirts, Dresses & Tops

Thanks to Angela from Mick's Chat for letting me know about Alight specializing in beautiful plus size fashions.
Here are just a few of their Stevie-inspired skirts, dresses and blouses:

Stevie Rhiannon hanky

Velvet Cape with Hood Velvet Long Cape Noble's Cape Celtic Moon

Medieval Weapon Art isn't just for Renaissance Faires, and they have way more than just medieval weapons!
FAR LEFT: This long velvet cape is lined in satin and comes in blue and burgundy.
2nd LEFT: This
black cape is made of cotton with a velveteen shell and the satin lining is available in purple, red or white. 2nd RIGHT: They call this brocade cape the Noble's Cape. It's very rich looking, made of brocade with a collar that can be turned up for a more mysterious look. It comes in black with a purple lining or purple with a black lining.
FAR RIGHT: Fans of Celtic style sterling silver jewelry will love this sterling silver crescent moon pendant

Gothic Victorian Christmas Dresses at Hot Topic

These two vintage inspired dresses are from Hot Topic The first is the Black Gothic Princess Dress by Lip Service and the second is the Ivory Lilith Dress. Both come in sizes extra small through 2X but may not be available in all sizes. First come first served, I guess :-) And for the holidays, Hot Topic has an extra special selection of romanticgoth Victoriana at great prices. And for a limited time, if you spend more than $125, you get 25% off.

Simply Dresses specializes in prom gowns but they always seems to feature at least one Stevie-inspired dress. Marina is a stretchy multi-handkerchief dress with a hemline trimmed in satin. You'll find this dress in their Sleek & Sexy department. They also sell beaded shawls and pouches, lacy clutches and floral hair accessories.

If you really want to get the Stevie look and you don't have long blonde hair you can always get a wig. On the left is the most realistic Stevie wig I've ever seen. It's made by Louis Ferre with a monofilament top which means the root area looks very realistic. And the hair looks so much like human hair it'll fool almost everybody. It's pricey though... $169. But if you're lucky enough to have the bucks, clicking on the picture will bring you to Best Wig Outlet front page. Once there, do a search for "Pammy". They also carry a wig called "Paulina" for $99 which is a very similar style with the same high quality Louis Ferre hair but without a mono top. And for those who don't want to spend that much Wow Wigs carries the style on the right for about $40. Click on their link and do a search for "perfect" (That's what they call it... sounds like it should be a Christine wig LOL!) All three wigs come in several shades of blonde.

Heavenly Treasures has wild heart style charms for your Italian charm bracelet "wild heart with wings" They also offer a free starter bracelet with every charm you buy.