Sacred Symbols

egyptian ankh Ankh
Ancient Egyptian symbol of life, fertility and the union of male and female. It appears frequently in Egyptian writings about resurrection and is sometimes referred to as the Key of the Nile. In the Wiccan/Neopagan traditions, the Ankh is often used as a symbol of immortality and completion. The Ankh is one of the symbols used in the design of the Sacred Cat Necklace and the Egyptian Ankh Earrings

I could go on for pages about cats but I'll keep it short here :-) I think one reason felines have fascinated humans for millenia is their ability to effortlessly blend seemingly contradictory traits: loyalty and independence, affection & aggression, playfulness & dignity, curiousity & indifference, earthy sensuality and an otherworldliness that makes them often seem psychic. (I personally believe that cats are indeed very intuitive and sensitive to those they care for) At any rate... to cats, these traits are not contradictory so so what better symbol of integration and wholeness than the cat? Cats have long been held sacred and linked to images of power. In ancient Egypt the Goddess Bast was not only the divine mother of cats, She was also protectress of the Pharoah and of women, Goddess of joy, dance, fertility & motherhood. The Egyptian term for cat was Mau, an imitation of a cats cry and a mother-syllable. The
Sacred Cat Necklace, Winged Cat Necklace, Victorian Cat Chandelier Earrings, Victorian Cat Dangle Earrings and the Lucky Cat Earrings were inspired by the mysterious, magickal cat.

Celtic Knotwork
The intricate weave and flow of Celtic knotwork symbolizes the endless flow of the life force through the cosmos through birth, death and rebirth and the interconnectedness of all things. The
Celtic Goddess Necklace, Celtic High Priestess Earrings, Triquetra Moon Earrings, Power of Three Earrings, Triquetra Moon Necklace, ,the Hidden Hearts Pentacle Necklace and the Celtic High Priestess Necklace were inspired by Celtic knotwork.

The triquetra (pronounced try-KET-ra, Latin for "three cornered") is a Celtic knot with a triangular design symbolizing all trinities including the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother & Crone); the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and the realms of Air, Earth and Sea which, to the ancient Celts, represented the entire Universe. To Christians, the triquetra has been used to symbolize the Holy Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Ghost) In fact, many cultures and religions have considered the number three to be holy or divine for millenia. A symbol of three interlocking circles looking somewhat like a three-leaf clover without out stem has been found on religious statues in India that were made 5000 years ago.
Triquetra Moon Necklace, Power of Three Earrings, the Triquetra Moon Earrings, the Celtic Goddess Necklace,and the Celtic High Priestess Necklace feature the triquetra.

The circle is probably our most ancient symbol. It probably first represented the radiant disc of the sun and even today, in astronomy and the arts related to it, a circle with a dot in its center is a symbol for the sun. It's easy to see how this symbol would come to represent the neverending turning of the seasons, the wheel of the year, and the cyclic or eternal nature of life itself. For Pagans, it is a reminder of the sacred, protective magickal circle, and restates our connection to the Goddess and God, and All that is. You'll find some form of the circle in all of my designs... it's a universal symbol that's hard to escape :-)

the goddess
The Goddess
There are many symbols of the divine feminine archetype but this ancient Lunar Goddess is one of the most familiar, and beloved. The Goddess is symbolic of the regenerative, life giving forces of the Cosmos. She is the keeper of wisdom and magickal power, the spirit of Earth and the Heavens. The Lunar Goddess represents the light within darkness and enlightenment from ignorance. She gives us the ability to regenerate ourselves anew and transform ourselves again and again. This symbol is the centerpiece of the
Celtic Goddess Necklace, Celtic High Priestess Earrings, and the Celtic High Priestess Necklace

The Moon
The Moon is associated with The Goddess in paganism, and represents intuition, magick and mystery. As the Moon, She waxes and wanes from Maiden (left facing crescent) to Mother/Mature Woman of Passion (full circle) to Crone (right facing crescent). Each year She is reborn again as the Maiden symbolizing the eternal, endlessly cycling circle of life. I'm sooo inspired by the Moon I've integrated lunar symbols into the
7 Sisters of the Moon Earrings, Triquetra Moon Earrings, Triquetra Moon Necklace, Pentacle Moon Earrings the Sacred Cat Necklace, the Celtic Goddess Necklace and the Hidden Hearts Pentacle Necklace.

spiral symbol Spiral
The spiral is an ancient symbol reflecting the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral pattern appears again and again in the natural world from the milky way galaxy to snail shells. The living spiral does not begin or end, it is an ongoing process of innocence, discovery, community, and the essence that connects all things. You'll find the spiral symbol in the
Healing Touch Earrings.

Wiccan pentacle pentagram Pentagram
The Pentagram is a five-pointed star usually drawn in one continuous line with no beginning and no end. It represents the four physical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water plus Akasha/Spirit. Each point is equally spaced from the others because they are all equally important. Often it is said to represent humanity, since the two lower points are similar to legs, the top one represents the head, and the remaining two are arms. Both the pentacle and the pentagram can be found in the Hidden Hearts Pentacle Necklace

Wiccan pentacle Pentacle
The Pentacle is a pentgram within a circle, representing the interconnectedness of all things. The circle represents the wheel of life, the cycles of the seasons in endless procession, with no beginning and no end. This symbol, cradled in the crescent moon of the lunar priestess, is featured in the
Victorian Pentacle Necklace the Hidden Hearts Pentacle Necklace and the Pentacle Moon Earrings.

Triple Moon
A representation of the Triple Lunar Goddess representing the three aspects of the moon (waxing, waning, and full) and womankind (mother, maiden, crone) The Triple Moon symbol is integrated into the design of the
Celtic High Priestess Earrings and the Pentacle Moon Earrings.

Equal Armed Cross
The cross is a very ancient symbol that has had special meaning to societies and spiritual belief systems all over the world for millenia. Like 3, 4 is a universal magickal number: there are 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 archangels, 4 winds, & 4 quarters in the traditional magick circle. To the Celts, the cross was a symbol of the four quarters: the North representing wisdom and stability, winter and death; the East knowledge, learning, youth and spring; the South vitality, passion, strength and summer; the West intuition, emotion, inner knowledge. This symbol is also similar to the Native American medicine wheel. Many believe the modern Christian version of the cross to be a combination of this equal-armed cross and the Egyptian Ankh, representing eternal life. The equal armed cross can be seen in the
Healing Touch Earrings

Hamsa / Healing Hand / Hand of Fatima / Kabbalistic Hand / Khamsa
Hamsa is an ancient symbol of protection used by many cultures. It is called the Hand of Fatima by Muslims, the hamsa hand in Arabic and hamesh hand in Hebrew. There is also strong evidence that this symbol predates Judaism and Islam and refers to an ancient Middle Eastern Goddess whose hand wards off the Evil Eye. There is usually an image in the center of the hand: eye, spiral and heart designs are common. The Hamsa’s protective energy is said to attract good luck, happiness, riches and good health. As a Reiki healer this symbol is very dear to me, a representation of Universal Healing Energy being channeled through the hands. A healing hand with a center spiral dangles from each of the
Healing Touch Earrings

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