It's a very high energy period right now. Jupiter will begin it's annual retrograde motion relative to Earth. This is very special news for us all. Why? Because from now until early March 2014 we get to do a thorough clean up and clean out of our inner worth, value, respect, power and recognition. We will be focusing on giving ALL that we are so we receive this abundance in return...

WHAT TO EXPECT Over the next four months it is slow and steady work we are doing on a daily basis. We are pushed to use our natural talents and skills in our careers, families, relationships and personal life, so that we know our worth. Once you know how good you are because you are using ALL of you and not suppressing what comes naturally, you will recognise this inner worth when it flows back to you from the outside world.

Over this period:
- overhaul career and occupation. Great period to investigate your ideal vocation and take solid steps to live it. - start that hobby or business you have always dreamed about running. - look at your finances and be diligent in how you attract money and how you give it away too. What are you receiving in return for your efforts. Is it in equal value to what you are giving out? Now is the period to see and act clearly and make changes as you feel fit.
- make sure you ENJOY yourself each day. Our greatest sense is our 'sense of humour' for it lightens us up and brings us back to love, which is the true essence of who you are. Create fun and release during this period.
- build up something of worth in your life - whatever your most deepest desire is, make it happen through your actions and daily applied work.
- use your natural creative flow each day. Come up with ingenious solutions to any obstacle and prove your worth to you. This is fun when you do it!

If you dedicate yourself to living your truth and being honest to you over this period, come March 2014 whatever you have been quietly working on and building up will soar like a rocket ship! So now you know, use this universal push to help you be all that you are xxx love to you xxx

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