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Winging Cat Rescue

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Their mission is to save cats and kittens from death row, place them in foster care, and ultimately find forever homes for as many as possible. They are a nationwide licensed rescue organization currently focusing on (but not exlusive to) an animal control pound in Griffin, Georgia in the U.S. This pound uses inhumane gas chambers as their method of "euthanasia" and Winging Cat Rescue is determined to save as many cats as they can. They rely solely on private donations. Please visit their website to read more about their work and view some of the beautiful deserving cats they are trying to help. And if you're a member of Care2, join Supporters of Winging Cat Rescue, a group that has been created to help spread the word about this wonderful organization and to help them to help these and so many other deserving cats. It's free to join and you'll be able to talk to other cat-loving members and get updates about WCR's cats in need and cats that have been saved too.

Just look at some of the beautiful cats rescued this year thanks largely to online donations ~

10% of the profits from Gypsy Cat Jewelry's sales are donated to animal welfare charities.
Winging Cat Rescue is at the top of the list :-)

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Winging Cat Rescue flyers designed by talented and tireless Susan Birnbaum, who also posts WCR's MySpace bulletins.